ARPS recently held a webinar titled “Live Electromagnetic Energy (EME) testing from Telstra’s 5G mmWave Smart Apartment”.

Details provided by Telstra

One of Australia’s leading independent EME experts, Dr Phillip Knipe, was invited by Telstra to put Telstra’s new 5G mmWave with extreme speeds to the test to see what the EME levels are in a 5G smart apartment.  These tests were conducted over 6 weeks with over 100 Wi-Fi enabled devices installed..

The apartment was located in Docklands Melbourne and internet connectivity was provided using 5G mid-band at 3600MHz and 5G mmWave at 26GHz, all enabling high speed Wi-Fi powered by Telstra’s 5G network.  The 5G mmWave provided the main connection to the internet using a fixed wireless access modem and clocked speeds of over 3600Mbps (3.6Gbps).

When running at near maximum capacity on mmWave, the 5G mmWave EME levels measured on the balcony were around 10,000 times below the public RF exposure limits and this was coming from a mmWave base station directly across the road. Inside the apartment,  the levels were found to be another 10 times lower.

Like many homes with smart devices, Wi-Fi was the dominant source of EME inside the apartment, and all the Wi-Fi and other sources were found to be less than 1% of the RF public exposure limits.  

All testing was conducted as per Australia Standards methodologies which are consistent with international best practices such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  The measured levels were then compared to the new public RF exposure limits from ARPANSA.

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