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Public comment for revised draft of NSW EPA Guideline 6


The Environment Protection Authority (EPA), in consultation with the NSW Radiation Advisory Council, has prepared a new draft version of Radiation Guideline 6: Compliance requirements and industry best practice for ionising radiation apparatus used in diagnostic imaging following an extensive review.

The new draft documents, once finalised, will replace the existing Radiation Guideline 6.

The new version takes into account changes in technology, clinical practice and legislative amendments that have occurred since the guideline was last published in 2004.

Please note that this version is draft only; until the updated Radiation Guideline 6 comes into effect, practitioners should refer to the current Radiation Guideline 6 published in 2004.

The closing date for comments on the draft guideline is 16 December 2015

Full details on how to comment are available from the NSW EPA website.

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