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ANSTO - Nuclear Materials Scientist


Applications close: Sunday 21 June 2020 3 Year Term | Full Time | $83k - $94k +15.4% super

ANSTO is currently advertising for a Nuclear Materials Scientist. Applications close: Sunday 21 June 20203 Year Term | Full Time | $83k - $94k +15.4% super

About the position
The Nuclear Materials Scientist will be responsible for developing knowledge on synthesis and characterisation of nuclear materials for extreme environments relevant to Gen 3 and Gen 4 systems, and to model and validate their structural properties. To perform research that contributes to ANSTO Projects by carrying out laboratory-based experimental work, and writing reports or other forms of scientific publications.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Conduct research on synthesis of new materials with specific properties relevant to extreme environments (temperature, corrosion, radiation) for nuclear systems, and other applications.
  • Conduct modelling of structural properties and validate the models using existing experimental methods.
  • Design materials testing experiments to generate results for new materials or to cover gaps in existing literature.
  • Contribute to the outcomes of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research Theme by initiating and conducting scientific research relevant to commercial and research projects.

 Skills and Experience
  • PhD in Materials Science, Materials Engineering, Physics, or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in materials synthesis and characterisation methods.
  • Knowledge in nuclear engineering materials and modelling of materials properties (Desirable).
  • Demonstrated capacity to carry out experimental work.

Link to the advert: here.
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