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GammaVision Gamma Spectroscopy Training Course (25 - 29 March 2019)


ORTEC®   Training Course

Practical Gamma Spectroscopy using Germanium Detectors and GammaVision Software.

25-29 March 2019 ANSTO, Lucas Heights, NSW, AUSTRALIA


About This Course

This course is designed for beginning to intermediate gamma spectroscopists using germanium detectors and GammaVision software. This course begins with setup procedures for the detectors, electronics, computer, and software, followed by instruction on all aspects of the GammaVision interface. Other topics covered are the construction of nuclide libraries and analysis parameter files, and the setup of GammaVision for dedicated tasks.

This is an interactive class - the students really have to play with spectra and get the right answers. Each participant will have access to a computer supplied by ANSTO and ORTEC software. Each student will receive a book of the class notes with space for notes and a CD with the examples to use later for more experience.


The Trainer

Dr Marc Breidenbach, ORTEC European Technical Support Specialist.



25 - 29 March 2019 in the Woods Centre training room at ANSTO, Lucas Heights, NSW, Australia



$3,400 per person. Students will be provided with course notes, access to a computer and software for use during the course. Lunches, morning and afternoon teas will be provided. Students need to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.


Cancellation liability

ORTEC reserves the right to cancel classes for any reason

ORTEC’s liability is limited to the return of the tuition fee only

ORTEC will not reimburse registrants for any travel or hotel cancellation fees or penalties


Max. no. of students

The course is limited to a maximum of 16 participants. The course also has a minimum attendee requirement. If this is not met by the registration deadline, the course will be cancelled, and you will be notified.



Please make own arrangements. Please let us know if you need assistance or a recommendation.

More details in attachments below:


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