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President's communique


Cancelling Canberra 2020 face-to-face conference

Dear colleagues,

2020.  What to say.  A recent meme making the rounds on social media said “2020 the year written by Stephen King and directed by Quinten Tarantino”.  While hopefully it hasn’t affected our members quite to those levels, I think it would be impossible to live on the planet without it having some sort of effect on our lives, both personal and professional.  The effect on ARPS is no different.

I’ll start by addressing our annual conference.   As those who participated in the Survey Monkey would have seen, one of the issues we’re facing is whether or how to proceed with having an annual conference this calendar year.  The advice from our PCO is that all of the face to face conferences they have been asked to organise during calendar year 2020 have been cancelled.  It’s also the case the Health Physics Society (USA) Society of Radiation Protection (UK) and the Canadian Radiation Protection Association have cancelled their respective 2020  conferences.  This in addition to the IRPA Congress, which was supposed to start the week of this writing in Seoul, has been postponed until January (fingers crossed).   
Contributing factors aside, whether by October Australia will be in a position of allowing face-to- face meetings are the economic issues that have been caused by the pandemic.  It is likely a year when many fewer of us, or our employers would be in a position of being able to fund our travel and fees to participate as we normally would.  And one must also consider our sponsors who have championed our profession every year would also have suffered a financial hit.

All this considered, the ARPS Executive, on the advice of the Canberra2020 planning committee have taken the step of cancelling our face-to-face Conference this year.  It is possible that we may attempt to have some online digital meeting.  Presently, AusIMM are planning an online Uranium Digital Conference for 30 June – July and 7 – 9 July.   As there are ARPS members who are active in AusIMM, we’re hoping to get some feedback on how it is setup and if there might be value in ARPS doing something similar in the latter part of the year.  Our PCO is also involved in planning some digital conferences, and will  be in a position to advise.   Stand by for further details.

I’ll close with some  lemons to lemonade associations.  ARPS has been advised that for the next two years, The French Society of Radiation Protection has made the past two years of their Journal free of charge to the public. In addition, The UK’s National Measurement Institute (Curiously called the “NPL”) has offered their e-learning courses for free during the Covid pandemic, and the IAEA has done so as well.  The links to all of these are below, and I hope many of our membership are able to take advantage.  And most of all, be safe.

NPL Free e-learning courses when booked before 30th June 2020:
All courses:

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.

Brent Rogers


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