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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please post them in an appropriate forum.
Question I can log in, but can't see the MEMBER's downloads section or post in the forum
Answer It's likely your ARPS Membership has expired and you have been put into the probation group by default. 

If you feel this is a mistake, or would like to renew your membership open a member support ticket to the secretariat.

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Question I can't log in!
Answer Have you:
  • Attempted to log in with the email address provided with your membership? 
    • Try your username as your first and surname i.e. "Jane Smith"
      • If this worked, once logged in update your email address by clicking the edit tab in "My Profile".
      • Logging in via email address is recommended. 
  • Tried resetting your password?

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