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South Australian Radiation Protection and Control Act

8 Feb 2021 11:34 AM | Matthew (Administrator)

Keith Baldry has announced that on 4 February 2021 the Radiation Protection and Control Bill 2021 passed its final stages in the Legislative Council and will now become an Act of Parliament.

This is a landmark step for radiation protection in South Australia. Among many reforms and improvements, the new Act introduces a general duty of care, and a risk based harms approach including establishing the offence of causing radiation harm. It also introduces tools such as Orders to enable more effective regulatory approaches. The new Act enables us to implement important national commitments such as for security of radioactive sources. It will enable us to move to more modern, risk based regulatory approaches.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution from the EPA radiation and legislative policy teams who have effectively drafted the Bill and steered it through Parliament. I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of EPA staff who have since left the organisation. The next steps include formulating regulations under the Act, which will include a consultation process.

Keith is the Director of Science and Information at the South Australian Environment Protection Authority

ARPS members are have contributed consultation on the Bill, and look forward to engaging with EPA to develop the Regulations. ARPS would like to congratulate the SA EPA and their staff for achieving this milestone.

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