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5G and health a review of the research into low level millimetre waves

K Karipidis, R Mate, R Tinker, A Wood

5G WIRELESS: A Radiobiological Assessment

V Leach, S Weller, M May, D Maisch, J McCredden

Computer Modelling: are we making a new generation of professionals stupid

N. Tsurikov

Assessing the radiological impact from a copper mining and minerals processing facility’s norm waste streams.

AJ van der Westhuizen, D de Villiers, J Hondros, J.B. Malherbe


LETTER TO THE EDITOR Stephen newberry



ARPS Newsletter NO. 66


Obituary - Vale Roger Alsop

Managing the radiation exposures of WA mine workers from naturally occurring radioactive materials: an historical overview (part 2)

Martin I. Ralph, Nick Tsurikov and Marcus Cattani

IRPA perspective on the 'reasonableness' in the optimisation of radiation protection

ARPS feedback to the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) on the ICRP paper: "keeping the ICRP recommendations fit for purpose"

ARPS feedback on the icrp paper 

ARPS members and committee

Acknowledgement of outgoing president, brent rogers

Jim Hondros


Honorary fellows 

Dr Andrew McEwan

Dr. Keith Lokan

ARPS Newsletter NO. 65


Obituary - Vale Vincent Delpizzo

Obituary - Vale Bill Chandler

SA ARPS Symposium ­ Regulations Workshop Report
                ARPS SA Executive

Position Statement South Australian Branch of ARPS: Development of South Australian Radiation Protection Regulations.
                ARPS SA Executive

The process for the remediation of a heavy mineral sands processing site and the success
                William C. F. Bartolo

Monitoring of the unattached fraction of radon progeny by the KodakLR­115 Type 2, nuclear track detector
                Jiri Kvasnickaa,* , Vladimir Zdimalb, Allan Seini

Report from the IRPA Executive Council
                Cameron Jeffries

177Lutetium­DOTATATE Radionuclide Therapy:Gamma Camera Pre­dosimetry work, Patient’s critical organDosimetry and Staff Radiation
                Exposure C. Sathiakumar, E. Stoakes, P. Lin

Managing the Radiation Exposures of WA Mine Workersfrom Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials:An Historical Overview (Part 1)
                Martin I. Ralph, Nick Tsurikov and Marcus Cattani

ARPS Webinar Series
                ARPS Executive


ARPS Newsletter NO. 64


Financial support for students working in radiation protection
ARPS Executive

Historic article: Commission of inquiry into occupational health and safety
                J. C. E. Button

The pandemic and the profession
                W. Bartolo edited by B Casseles

Historic article: Problems in the disposal of liquid scintillation waste
                R. Rosen


ARPS Newsletter NO. 63


Radiation safety aspects of Liverpool hospital cyclotron unit: First two years of operation
                C. Sathiakumar, M. Mali, P. Williams, S. Som, and P. Lin

DMAPT: A promising new radioprotector.
                Pamela J Sykes

Boyce Worthley oration 2019 “A Controversy that needs to be resolved”
                D J Higson PhD

Achieving harmonisation of radiation protection legislation across Australian jurisdictions
                Ian Furness

Letter to the editor: Nation Uniformity  
                Dr Stephen Newbery

Letter to the editor: Corrigendum
                P Bandara, V Leach and S Weller

Letter to the editor” Serious safety concerns about 5G wireless deployment in Australia and New Zealand
                P Bandara, J McCredden, M May, S weller, D Maisch, R Kelly, T Chandler, S Pockett, V Leach, and D Wojcik


ARPS Newsletter NO. 62


Minor changes leading to major impacts: Practical implications of ICRP137 on industries with NORM
                J. Hondros and R. Secen-Hondros

ARPS/ICRP2019 conference photo page

Should ARPS be involved in accreditation of trainers
                W. Bartolo

ARPS/ICRP2019 conference abstracts
 - Cave radon exposure, dose, dynamics, and mitigation
  - All solid cancer incidences and mortality dose-response in the Life Span Study of atomic bomb survivors
  - The Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
  - Improvement of the use rate of the personal dosimeter & protector by interventional radiologists with radiological technologist leadership
  - Low Dose Radiation – Science, Policy, and Public Opinion
  - Are clinical nuclear medicine settings compliant with proposed new ICRP lens of eye dose limits?
  - Achieving harmonisation of radiation protection legislation across Australian jurisdictions
  - Cancer risks following low-dose radiation: What do we know about the dose-response curve?
  - Successfully Working Together: Nuclear Power & Radiation Safety
  - A Multi-target dietary intervention protects from radiation induced cognitive impairment and normal tissue injury. 


ARPS Newsletter NO. 61


Obituary - Vale Judi Anderson

Memorial – Information article: 100 Years of ‘Atom Splitting’ – Lord Ernest Rutherford  
                Dr A. Mc Ewan 

RPiA Index
                W. Bartolo


ARPS Newsletter NO. 60


Obituary - Vale Michael Carter

ARPS42 Conference Paper: Management options for the little forest legacy site, Australia

Discussion Paper” Does reactor fuel reprocessing make economic, public policy or environment sense
                G. Anastas

ARPS42 Conference Paper: Characteristic limits and their application to personal dosimetry
                S. Long and M. Litwin

2018 Conferernce paper abstracts: Current occupational doses in Australia – Review of 30 years of data from the PRMS database
                A. Hayton and M. Litwin

Science and art in radiation risk communication 
                J. Hondros

The role of dose rate on cancer induction in the lung following inhalation of beta-gamma emitting radionuclides
                C. Thome, S. Puukila and D. Boreham

Letter to the editor response
                P. Bandara, V. Leach and S. Weller


ARPS Newsletter NO. 59


ARPS42 conference paper: 2017 boyce worthley oration: A radiation protection view of Australia and ARPS: A view from across the lake with some insights for discussion
                G. Anastas

Refereed paper: What does ARPS do for you?
                W. Bartolo

2018 ARPS/AOCRP presentation: Why the precautionary approach is needed for non-ionising Radiation devices
                V. Leach and D. Bromwich

Article reprint: The big picture: keeping radiation risks in perspective
               P Andrew Karam

Technical article: An update on how to present a scientific paper at a conference
                R. Rosen and W. Bartolo

Letter to the editor
                K. Karipidis and R. Tinker


ARPS Newsletter NO. 58


ARPS42 Conference papers: Biological effects of low-intensity radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation - time for a paradigm shift in regulation of public exposure
                P. Bandara and S. Weller

The art of the practice of radiation safety
                P. Andrew Karam

Radio frequency exposure risk assessment and communication: Critique of ARPANSA TR-164 report. do we have a problem?
                V. Leach and S. Weller

Article reprint: Accreditation in radiation protection - The Australian position
               Ray de Groot

Article reprint: Ionising radiation safety training in the Australian defence organisation (ADO)
                G. J. Jenks, E. J. B. O 'Donovan and W. B. Wood


ARPS Newsletter NO. 57


ARPS41 Conference Paper: The role of the international radiation protection society (IRPA)
                R. Coates

Technical notes: Behaviour of radon and its short- and long-lived daughters in LNG liquification plants
                M. Sonter

Characterising NORM hazards within subsea oil and gas facilities
                D. Emes

ARPS 19 Conference Paper: Desirable attributes of a radiation protection adviser
                R. Rosen and D. Gardner

ARPS 39 Conference Paper: A review of low-cost radiation products
                K. Gregory

ARPS 41 abstracts: E-radiation monitoring used in the heath gate resources in situ recovery uranium operation
                M. Jane, S. Kutty, A. Marsland-Smith

Minimising the health consequences of nuclear accidents – do we need to reassess our response?
                G. Thomas

Non-ionizing radiation protection: summary of research and policy options; development of a new textbook to promote NIR education
                D. Urban, K. Karipidis, A. Wood

Radon measurements at Australian Antarctic stations
                B. Tate

Regulating residues from uranium production and other NORM activities to international standards
                D. Bellifemine

Technologies and models for studying the radiobiology of low dose effects
                K. Prise


ARPS Newsletter NO. 56


Radon and thoron emanation test work on NOLANS rare earths ores
                M. Sonter and J. Grose

ARPS41 Conference Paper: What does the research tell us about the risk of electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
                V. Leach and S. Weller

ARPS41 Conference Paper: The biological effects of exposure to ionising radiation
                D. J. Higson

Discussion Paper: Discussion of NCRP commentary
                D. J. Higson


ARPS Newsletter NO. 55


Scientific Article: Experimental determination of 60Co sorption in arid soils from Northern Territory, Australia
                B. M. Cassels and R. Akber

AOCRP4 Presentation: Shielding assessment and radiation exposure adjacent to a linear accelerator treatment bunker with a highlight window
                C. V. Jeffries, N. Freeman, F. Nasreen, S. Rutkowski, C. Stathopoulos and S. Toomey

ARPS40 Conference Paper: 2015 Boyce Worthley Oration
                P. Cardew

ARPS Branch Presentation: IAEA Support to uranium mining worldwide
                P. H. Woods

Technical Note: Thinking about thoron & thoron daughters: radiation studies & interpretations for a rare earths project
                M. Sonter and J. Hondros

ARPS40 Conference Paper: The safety of a nuclear industry in south Australia
                D. J. Higson


ARPS Newsletter NO. 54

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