Radiation Protection in Australasia - Cumulative Index

RPiA Vol/Issue Year Authors Title Page Number
Bulletin-1 1980 Button, J Editorial
Bulletin-1 1980 Button, J ARPS Submission: NSW Commission of Inquiry into Occupatiuonal Health and Safety 1.2
Bulletin-1 1980 Button, J Professional Accrediation in Britian 1.8
Bulletin-1 1980 R-Admiral R C Swan, Director General Natural Disasters Organisation Conference Opening Speech 2.1
Bulletin-1 1980 Titterson, Prof Sir E The Energy Future 2.5
Bulletin-1 1980 Warren, T.J.H Radiation Protection Parameters in SI Units 2.16
Bulletin-1 1980 Ilbery, P.L.T Radiodiagnosis Exposure 2.23
Bulletin-1 1980 Rosen, R Problems in the Disposal of Liquid Scintillation Waste 2.41
Bulletin-1 1980 Diesendorf, M. A Critique of AIRAC Repoort No.3: Estimates of Risk for Radiaiton Carcinogenisis and Mutagenesis 3.1
Bulletin-1 1980 Watson, G.M. Reply to the Diesendorf Paper 3.9
Bulletin-2 1980 Button, J Editorial
Bulletin-2 1980 Button, J 1980 AGM of ARPS (19 May 1980) Report 1.2
Bulletin-2 1980 Button, J.C.E. Accident Experience During Air Transportation of Radioactive Materials 2.1
Bulletin-2 1980 Cardew, A.P.St.E. Some Educational Aspects of Radiation Protection 2.19
Bulletin-2 1980 Holy, Z.J. Radiological Impact of Fast Breeder and Fusion Reactors 2.29
Bulletin-2 1980 Posener, D.W. Emergency Planning for Radiological Defence 2.39
Bulletin-2 1980 Morris, N.d., Solomon, S.B., and Swindon, T.N. Patient Doses from Medical Uses of X-rays 2.61
Issue 2 1982 R Rosen Radiation, Revolution and Reality: the Ranger Uranium Environmental Inquiry 3
Issue 2 1982 J C E Button Coping with Radiological Accidents in Australia 11
Issue 2 1982 J C E Button Australian Requirements for Radiation Protection Instruments 19
Issue 2 1982 I S Leith Evaluation of Microwave Radiation Hazards 27
Issue 2 1982 T N Tan Radiation Protection Aspects of 125I in Biomedical Laboratories 33
Issue 2 1982 C A Maxwell Detection in vivo of Thyroid 125I 41
Issue 2 1982 L. Munslow-Davies Radiopharmaceutical Laboratory Design 51
Issue 2 1982 I.S.Leith and B.Hartley Survey of Radon and Daughters in Underground Mines in W.A. 61
Issue 2 1982 K.W.Bentley, T.Wall, J.H.Wyatt Fission Track Analysis of Uranium Distribution in Biological Tissues 69
Issue 2 1982 I.S.Leith, J.G.Young, G.E.B.Smith, H.Schaap Modification of X-ray Analysis Units to Conform to the NH&MRC Code of Practice 73
Issue 2 1982 L. Munslow-Davies Code of Practice for the Disposal of Radioactive Wastes Arising from Medical and Research Use in Western Australia 84
Issue 2 1982 P.L.T.Ilbery Cancer Induced by Radiation 93
Issue 2 1982 A.P.St.E.Cardew 232Th Contamination from Tin Smelting Operations 108
Issue 2 1982 G.F.Gandy Radium Contamination of Residential Areas 117
Issue 2 1982 S.J.Lloyd Radiological Protection in the Royal Australian Navy 130
Issue 2 1982 T.N.Swindon National Surveys of Population Doses from Medical, Dental and Chiropractic Uses of Ionizing Radiation 139
Issue 2 1982 I.S.Leith and T.N.Swindon Hazards in the Transport of Uranium Oxide "Yellowcake" 148
Issue 2 1982 T.N.Swindon and I.S.Leith The Australian "Code of Practice on Radiation Protection in the Mining and Milling of Radioactive Ores, 1975" 157
Issue 2 1982 P.A.Guignard Historical Study of Scientific Associations and Alternative Policies for the A.R.P.S. 165
V1 No1 Jan-83 A. Bicevslcis Cost-Effective Risk Reduction And Public Acceptance 9
V1 No1 Jan-83 J.A. Mathews The Conceptual Apparatus Of Radiation Protection: A Critique 16
V1 No1 Jan-83 J.M. Costello Radioactivity In The Environment 21
V1 No1 Jan-83 D.J. Higson Exposure To Carbon-14 Discharged From The Lucas Heights Research Laboratories 28
V1 No1 Jan-83 S.J. Lloyd Radiation Hazards In The First Fleet 30
V1 No1 Jan-83 G. C. Mason Annual Limits On Intake For Members Of The Public And Derived Reference Levels Of Radionuclide Concentrations In The Environment 32
V1 No1 Jan-83 J.P. Powell How To Present A Scientific Paper At A Conference 37
V1 No2 Apr-83 G F Gandy & P J Colgan Radioactive Contamination in a Holiday Resort 47
V1 No2 Apr-83 T J Passmore Radioactivity in a Private Residence 52
V1 No2 Apr-83 B E King, L F Toussaint & D E Hutchinson Radioactivity in Mineral Sands in Western Australia 55
V1 No2 Apr-83 P J Matthew & J Baretka Specific Radioactivity of some australian Building Materials 59
V1 No2 Apr-83 J W Allison Radioactivity Effect Tables and their Use in Military Dosimetry 62
V1 No2 Apr-83 C F Wong & L Tommasino The Use of Nuclear Track Detectors as Particle Spectrometers 75
V1 No3 Jul-83 C Collins A Review of Studies of Mortality among Miners Exposed to Radon Daughters 91
V1 No3 Jul-83 M W Carter Derived Limits for Occupational Exposure to Uranium Mine and Mill dusts in the air and on surfaces 95
V1 No3 Jul-83 V A Leach & A W Morley The Implication of ICRP30 ALI Data on Derived Air Concentations for Uranium Mines 101
V1 No3 Jul-83 I W Marshman Summarised Results from a Radiation Monitoring Programme at an Australian Uranium Ore Processing Plant 105
V1 No3 Jul-83 W Spehr & A Johnston The Measurment of Radon Emanation Rates using Activated Charcoal 113
V1 No3 Jul-83 T H Gan, J R Peggie & O J Wilson Increasing the Counting Efficiency of Activated Charcoal Canisters Used for Radon Emanation Measurments 117
V1 No4 Oct-83 J H Martin Human survival - Radiation Exposure Levels 127
V1 No4 Oct-83 S B Barnett & G Kossoff Safety of Ultrasound in Diagnostic Echography 136
V1 No4 Oct-83 J Kvasnicka More Precise Alpha Activity Measurements by Track Detectors 140
V1 No4 Oct-83 N W Arnold The Role of the Union Consultant in Radiation Safety at Uranium Mines 144
V1 No4 Oct-83 C F Wong The Measurement of Airborne Alpha Particles in Buildins Using Nuclear Track Detectors 149
V1 No4 Oct-83 T N Swindon Review of the Australian Code of Practice on Radiation Protection in the Mining and Milling of Radioactive Ores 152
V2 No1 Jan-84 M H. Repacholi Hazards Of Non-Ionising Radiations 3
V2 No1 Jan-84 I D. Watson and R.K Taylor The Development Of Separate Radiation Protection Regulations For Monazite Production In Western Australia 17
V2 No1 Jan-84 C. Roy, KH Joyner, HP. Gies, M J. Bangay Measurement Of Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted From Visual Display Terminals (VDTs) 26
V2 No1 Jan-84 P.J. Mathew and J Beretka Method For The Reduction Of Radioactivity Of Some Building Materials 31
V2 No1 Jan-84 K N Wise Human Variability And The Uncertainty Of Committed Dose For Uranium 35
V2 No1 Jan-84 B. Worthley Protection Rackets In The Roaring Forties 41
V2 No2 Apr-84 Stuchly, M.A. Health Aspects of Radiofrequency Exposure 51
V2 No2 Apr-84 Carter, M.W. Radiation Protection in Mining - Six Years after Fox 59
V2 No2 Apr-84 Kennedy, K.N., J.R. Peggy, K. N. Wise A Continuous Radon And Thoron Monitor For Laboratory And Field Use 65
V2 No2 Apr-84 Leach, V.A. Predicting Radon/Radon Daughter Concentrations In Underground Mines 69
V2 No2 Apr-84 Symonds, J.L. Keynote Address - 1983 Conference 74
V2 No3 Jul-84 D J Higson Nuclear Reactor Safety Goals and Assessment Principles 83
V2 No3 Jul-84 S A Burnell & D J Hamilton The Use of the Leeds Test Tools in Evaluating Image Intensifiers Fitted to Fluoroscopic X-ray Machines 94
V2 No3 Jul-84 W Spehr The Effectiveness of Lead Smelter Slag in Suppressing the Release of Radon from Uranium Tailing Dams 101
V2 No3 Jul-84 T H Gan, K N Kennedy, G C Mason, J R Peggie & K N Wise Alpha counting Methods for Continuous Measurements of Radon and Thoron Emanation Rates 106
V2 No4 Oct-84 D R Davey & R A Jeffree The Freshwater Mussel - Velesunio Angasi - A Monitor for Radiom-226 Pollution in the Alligator River Region, Northern Territory 115
V2 No4 Oct-84 I C Patel Practice and Problems in Radiation Protection in Medicla institutions in Papua New Guinea 122
V2 No4 Oct-84 D Culley Radiation Protection Training in Australia 125
V2 No4 Oct-84 C F Wong & R Fleming Ultraviolet Radiation of Direct sunlight in Brisbane 130
V2 No4 Oct-84 I S Hurwood Development of an "In-House" Radiation Safety Course for Users of Class C Laboratories 133
V2 No4 Oct-84 J H Eedle After Dinner Address to the ARPS Ninth Annual Conference 137
V3 No1 Jan-85 Cohen O B.L Risk And Risk Aversion In Our Society 3
V3 No1 Jan-85 M H Repacholi High Voltage Transmission Lines - What Are The Hazards? 10
V3 No1 Jan-85 D E. Parsons In-Vivo Counting Of Gamma Ray Emitters In Man And Its Application To The Uranium Mining Industry 19
V3 No1 Jan-85 V A. Leach, D. W Bromwich Are Giga Dollars Per Radiation Risk Worth It? 25
V3 No1 Jan-85 P J Colgan, P A. O'Reilly Statewide Midline Depth Dose Intercomparison Between Dedicated Film/Screen And Xerox Mammography Units 35
V3 No1 Jan-85 D.J. Hamilton The Development Of New Radiation Protection Legislation In South Australia 39
V3 No2 Apr-85 Giles, M.S. Towards An Appropriate Limit For Exposure Of The General Public To Radium 59
V3 No2 Apr-85 Kvasnicka, J. Track Etch Technique In Radiation Protection In Uranium Mines 63
V3 No2 Apr-85 McLaughlin, D. Problems Of Communicating Radiation Doses To Aboriginal Members Of The Public In The Alligator Rivers Region 67
V3 No2 Apr-85 Hewson, G., D. L Blyth Variability In Dose-Equivalent Assessments For Inhaled U3O8 Concentrations 71
V3 No2 Apr-85 Koperski, J., J Bywater Radionuclide Analysis Of Bush Food 80
V3 No2 Apr-85 Kvasnicka, J., P. McNally, T McKay, H Allison, J Bywater Pre-Mining Variation Of Alpha Activity Intake In Shells Of Fresh Water Mussels 85
V3 No3 Jul-85 B.L Cohen Long Term Waste Problems From Electricity Production 95
V3 No3 Jul-85 P. McNamara Ionising Radiation From Uranium Mining In Australia - Some Legal Issues 100
V3 No3 Jul-85 P.J. Bailey Planning The Decommissioning Of The Nabarlek Uranium Project 109
V3 No3 Jul-85 T.N Swindon Remedial Action In Areas Of Enhanced Natural Background Radiation Levels 112
V3 No3 Jul-85 T.N Swindon Overview And International Approaches To Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure Standards 119
V3 No4 Oct-85 P Czerski Radiofrequency Protection Guidelines and Standards. Basic Concepts and Principles. 127
V3 No4 Oct-85 K H Joyner The Australian Radiofrequency Exposure Standard: Implications and Implementation 135
V3 No4 Oct-85 B Hocking Conference Paper: Issues in Epidemiological Studies of Radiofrequency Workers 141
V3 No4 Oct-85 S B Barnett & G Kossoff Conference Paper: Current International Policy on the Use of diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging in Pregnancy 145
V3 No4 Oct-85 J C Dugglebly Conference Paper: Discharge of Radionuclides in Liquid Effluent 148
V3 No4 Oct-85 L F Toussaint Conference Paper: Background Radiation in Western Australia 151
V3 No4 Oct-85 R Rosen Conference Paper: Human Subjects and Experimental Irradiation 156
V4 No1 Jan-86 J M Costello Management Of Radioactive Wastes Arising From The Use Of Australian Radioisotopes 3
V4 No1 Jan-86 K H. Joyner, M J Bangay Procedures And Instrumentation For The Measurement Of Potentially Hazardous Radiofrequency Fields 11
V4 No1 Jan-86 D.A. Woods The Variation Of Annual Limits On Intake And Derived Air Concentrations With Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameter For Uranium Mine And Mill Dusts 17
V4 No1 Jan-86 S.M Michaelson Health Implications Of Exposure To Emissions From Video Display Terminals 23
V4 No1 Jan-86 JM Costello Options For The Rehabilitation Of Maralinga 26
V4 No1 Jan-86 R. Rosen Progress Report On IRPA-7 31
V4 No2 Apr-86 KH. Joyner, MJ Bangay Environmental Levels Of Microwave Radiation Around A Satellite Earth Station 43
V4 No2 Apr-86 J. Koperski Radiation Exposure Of The Public As A Result Of The Present Operations Of Ranger Uranium Mines Pty Ltd 49
V4 No2 Apr-86 D. A. Woods Assessment Of Final Product Dust Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameters At Two Australian Uranium Mills Using Three Types Of Cascade Impactor 55
V4 No2 Apr-86 R.A. Watters, S. Chandra An Integrated Management Program For The Nuclear Power Industry - A Responsible Approach 64
V4 No3 Jul-86 C R Roy, H P Gies, G. Elliott The Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure Standard And Ultraviolet Hazard Evaluations 83
V4 No3 Jul-86 J A Hermann, S.R Kennett Atmospheric Turbulence Effects In Laser Safety 89
V4 No3 Jul-86 B. Cassels, V A Leach Lung Dosimetry Using The 1966 Icrp Task Group Lung Model 94
V4 No3 Jul-86 R B. Huntley An Absorbed Dose Microcalorimeter 100
V4 No4 Oct-86 M W Randle, L J Tucker, & M K Robertson A Cheap Sensitive and Practical Track Detector for Radon 119
V4 No4 Oct-86 G Elliott, C R Roy, H P Gies & K H Joyner Video Display Terminals and Radiaiton Emissions - Current Status 123
V4 No4 Oct-86 I C Patel Ionising Radiation Doses to Hospital Workers in Papua New Guinea 131
V4 No4 Oct-86 D Paix Indoor Radiation measurments in Australia: Progress Report 133
V4 No4 Oct-86 J Brassil 11th Annual Conference: Opening address 136
V4 No4 Oct-86 R Rosen 11th Annual Conference:Progress Report on IRPA-7 139
V4 No4 Oct-86 J R Walker 11th Annual Conference: After Dinner Talk 140
V5 No1 Jan-87 V Delpizzo An Overview Of Laser Safety Standards 3
V5 No1 Jan-87 M. S. Giles and J. V. Evans Concentration Of Radium In Acid Swamp Soils In The Northern Territory 14
V5 No1 Jan-87 F. P.J. Robotham Fallout From Chernobyl 19
V5 No1 Jan-87 L.H. Kotler Whole Body Measurements On Subjects Who Have Ingested Radioactive Materials From The Accident At Chernobyl 23
V5 No2 Apr-87 A. Camilleri Waste Acceptance Criteria For Shallow Land Disposal Of Radioactive Waste In Australia 31
V5 No2 Apr-87 D.J. Higson Probabilistic Safety Criteria For Nuclear Reactors And Other Potentially Hazardous Installations 41
V5 No2 Apr-87 V. Delpizzo An Inconsistency Between Australian Standards Applicable To Microwave Ovens 49
V5 No2 Apr-87 M.S. Giles Aspects Of Radiation Safety In The Tin Mining And Processing Industries In Malaysia 52
V5 No2 Apr-87 I.W. Marshman Radiation Characteristics Of Sub-Aerially Deposited Uranium Tailings 55
V5 No3 Jul-87 B.J. Wallace and V.A. Leach Radiation Exposure Of Sand Blasting Operators 63
V5 No3 Jul-87 B.M. Cassels Acute Ingestion Dosimetry Using The Icrp30 Gastrointestinal Tract Model 69
V5 No3 Jul-87 M.J. Sonter Estimation Of Radon Daughter Levels For Mine Ventilation Design 75
V5 No3 Jul-87 J. Hondros Respirable Versus Inhalable Dust Sampling 83
V5 No3 Jul-87 M.J. Sonter Gamma Dose Rates As A Function Of Ore Grades In Underground Uranium Mines 89
V5 No3 Jul-87 J. Hondros Calculating Radiation Exposure And Dose 93
V5 No3 Jul-87 M.J. Sonter and J. Hondros Radioactive Dust Dose Calculations Using The Recommendations Of The Icrp 98
V5 No4 Oct-87 J D Wallace & M R Williamson A Regulatory Authory's Experience with Radiation surveillance Program of Industrial and Analytical Facilities 111
V5 No4 Oct-87 B L Tracy Study of Plutonium Bearing Dust at Maralinga 116
V5 No4 Oct-87 P M Pojer & J R Peggie An Environmental Chamber for the Study of Response of Radon Monitors 119
V5 No4 Oct-87 L Sim & K Siddle Radiation doses to the Lens of the Eye During Procedures on a 9800 Quick CT Scanner 122
V5 No4 Oct-87 T Passmore Regulation of X-ray Analytical Appratus in South Australia 127
V5 No4 Oct-87 D J Westall Development of a System for Checking Radiation Shielding Installed at Diagnostic X-ray Facilities 131
V6 No1 Jan-88 G.M. Bailey and D.E. Parsons Calibration Of A Dual Phoswich Detection System For Measuring Plutonium-239 And Americium-241 In Lungs 3
V6 No1 Jan-88 R.U. Domel and A.M. Beal Radium Intestinal Transfer Rates* 11
V6 No1 Jan-88 R.M. Guest An Overview Of Airborne Monitoring Programs In The U.K.* 21
V6 No1 Jan-88 G.M. Hines, C.F. Wong and R G S Taylor Radon In Non-Residential Buildings* 25
V6 No1 Jan-88 K.H. Lokan Future Trends In Radiation Protection 29
V6 No2 Apr-88 G.S. Hewson Particle Size Distribution Of Airborne Radioactivity In Mineral Sands Separation Plants 35
V6 No2 Apr-88 R.R. Griffiths An Incident Involving A Jammed Radiography Source 50
V6 No2 Apr-88 M. Sonter, J Hondros Statistical Presentation Of Radiation Dose Data For The Olympic Dam Project 53
V6 No2 Apr-88 B. Kynaston Detrimental Effects Of UV, Prevention And Treatment 59
V6 No2 Apr-88 G.C. Kerrigan Thoron Emanation From Monazite 63
V6 No3 Jul-88 D.R. Brighton The Consequences Of Using Uncorrected Nohd Values In Laser Safety Calculations 71
V6 No3 Jul-88 D.W. Keam Wire Coding Configurations Are Poor Surrogates For Magnetic Field Exposures 82
V6 No3 Jul-88 P. Williams and B. Hocking The Prevention Of Skin Cancer In The Workplace 87
V6 No3 Jul-88 S.J. Carter, C.F. Wong and R. Fleming An Ultravoilet Radiation Dosimeter Using Cr-39 94
V6 No4 Oct-88 K H Joyner Possible Adverse Thermal Responses in Operators of Radiofrequency Dielectric Heaters 107
V6 No4 Oct-88 V Delpizzo A Survey of Shortwave and Microwave Diathermy Devices 115
V6 No4 Oct-88 K H joyner Extremely Low frequency Electromagnetic Radiation and Interactions at the Cell Membrane 118
V6 No4 Oct-88 B M Hartley A Computer Methoid for Simulating the Decay of Radon Daughters 126
V7 No1 Jan-89 B.M. Hartley An Analysis Of The Statistical Uncertainties Which Arise In Thomas's Method Of Determination Of The Concentrations Of The Descendants Of Radon 3
V7 No1 Jan-89 G. C. Lowenthal On Unintended Effects Of The Linear Hypothesis 12
V7 No1 Jan-89 D. Paix, J. Peggie and K. Wise Indoor Radon Measurements In Adelaide, South Australia 18
V7 No1 Jan-89 D.J. Higson Approaches To Nuclear Safety Assessment At The IAEA 21
V7 No1 Jan-89 T.H. Gan and S.B. Solomon A Low Level Environmental Radon Monitor 26
V7 No2 Apr-89 G.S. Hewson A Review Of The Uncertainties In Internal Radiation Dose Assessment For Inhaled Thorium 35
V7 No2 Apr-89 C.R. Roy, H.P. Gies and G. Elliott Malignant Melanoma And Fluorescent Lighting: Current Status 45
V7 No2 Apr-89 B.M. Hartley A Formulation Of The Linear Equation Of The Thomas Method Into Simple Matrices 50
V7 No2 Apr-89 V.A. Leach and B.J. Wallace University Of Queensland Mine Tailings Investigation 56
V7 No3 Jul-89 V. Delpizzo Use Of Electrical Bed Heating In Melbourne And Implications For Possible Elf Magnetic Field Exposure 67
V7 No3 Jul-89 P.F.B. Klemp, A.M. Perry, R.A. Fox, B.N. Gray and M.A. Burton Aspects Of Radiation Protection During The Treatment Of Liver Cancer Using Yttrium-90 Labelled Microspheres 70
V7 No3 Jul-89 M. Sonter and J. Hondros Personal Dose Estimations For Olympic Dam's First Year Of Production 74
V7 No3 Jul-89 J. Warneke and M. Sonter Radon-Radon Daughter Equilibrium Factor Measurements In An Operating Uranium Mine 79
V7 No3 Jul-89 M. Malaxos Incidents In Industrial Radiography 84
V7 No3 Jul-89 L.F. Toussaint Gamma Radiation Levels From A Line Source Of Monazite 88
V7 No4 Oct-89 R M Fry, W M Carter, A Johnston & D A Woods The OSS and Radiation Protection 95
V7 No4 Oct-89 M W Carter Testing for Compliance with Regulatory Standards Discussion and Compendium of methods 107
V7 No4 Oct-89 A Camilleri, M B Cooper, N J Hargrave & L Munslow-Davies Shallow Ground Burial of Low-Level Waste 116
V8 No1 Jan-90 G S Hewson Radiation Exposure Status Of Mineral Sands Industry Workers (1983-1988) 3
V8 No1 Jan-90 B M Cassels Public Perception Of Radiation Issues 13
V8 No1 Jan-90 J W McKlveen. J M Barnett and K E Delahunte Nuclear Power In The United States And Around The World 18
V8 No1 Jan-90 T H Gan. S B Solomon and J R Peggie Asian/Australasian Region Intercalibration And Intercomparison Programme For Radon: Statistical Analysis And Propagation Of Uncertainty Protocols For Scintillation Cells Of The Reference Laboratory 23
V8 No2 Apr-90 B M Cassels Radium-226 In Natural Water Supplies In Kakadu National Park 31
V8 No2 Apr-90 R G S Taylor Radium-226 Contamination In A Decommissioned Radon Laboratory 36
V8 No2 Apr-90 B M Hartley A Theoretical Study Of Optimal Methods For The Determination Of The Activities Of The Descendants Of Radon 38
V8 No2 Apr-90 S Evans Risk Comparison: An Index Of Harm Versus Fatality Rates 41
V8 No2 Apr-90 J Hondros Radioactive Dust Sampling 46
V8 No3 Jul-90 R Doll & S Darby Childooh Leukaemia in the United States 55
V8 No3 Jul-90 J W McKlveen Personal Dosimtery for Uranium Miners at High-Grade, Underground Mines Near the Grand Canyon 62
V8 No3 Jul-90 J W Allison, G J Jenks & E J B O'Donovan The Acute Radiation dose-Response Mortality Function and Accident Dosimetry 66
V8 No3 Jul-90 J A J Stolwijk Simulation Model of Lung Cancer Incidence Related to Smoking and Radon Daughter Exposure 71
V8 No3 Jul-90 G C Lowenthal & L McMurtrie Nuclear Science Experiments in High School 74
V8 No4 Oct-90 S Darby & R Doll Radon in Houses: How Large is the Risk 83
V8 No4 Oct-90 J A J Stolwijk Epidemiology anmd the Etiology of Childhood Cancers and Leukemia 89
V8 No4 Oct-90 V Delpizzo & M R Salzberg Relative Risk Bias Due to Non-Differential Misclassification of Exposure in Epidemiological Studies Using an Ordinal Exposure Scale 91
V8 No4 Oct-90 J A Paul & G Bibbo Radiation Incidents Involving Nuclear Moisture/Density meters 95
V8 No4 Oct-90 C Politeko Methodology for Quality Assurance in measuyring the Radioactivity in the Marine Environment 97
V8 No4 Oct-90 B M Hartley Contribution: Gamma Radiation Levels at the Monte Bellow Islands Atomic Test Site 104
V9 No1 Jan-91 K H Lokan The New Recommendations of the ICRP 3
V9 No1 Jan-91 B Mukherjee, L Lembo and S Manzoor Gas Lantern Mantle: A Low Activity Alpha source 8
V9 No1 Jan-91 N Brabham Particle size Distribution of airborne Dust in the Olympic Dam Underground Mine 13
V9 No1 Jan-91 G C Lowenthal and J Towson Comments on the Biological Effects of Ionising Radiaitons with Particular Reference to Report BIER V and the Resulting Recommnedations 20
V9 No1 Jan-91 L F Toussant and B M Hartley A Simple disposal Category Classifications of Natural Radioactive Waste in Western Australia 24
V9 No2 Apr-91 P. C. Crouch, A.D. Johnston, P. Dolan & M. Boyd An Evaluation Of The Borak Method Of Measuring Radon Daughter Concentrations In An Underground Uranium Mine 35
V9 No2 Apr-91 H. W. H. du Preez Ventilation Data Acquisition And Display System 38
V9 No2 Apr-91 G.C. Mason Compliance With Public Dose Limits 43
V9 No2 Apr-91 Brad M. Cassels Radiation Aspects Of Oyster Examination In The Northern Territory Pearling Industry 49
V9 No2 Apr-91 Helen M. Jenkin Annotated Bibliography On Childhood Leukaemia Near Nuclear Installations 52
V9 No3 Jul-91 M H Repacholi An introduction to 50 Hz Fields 64
V9 No3 Jul-91 M H N Tattersal The Biology of Human Cancer 66
V9 No3 Jul-91 V Delpizzo ELF Electric and Magnetic Fields - Characteristic, sources and Measurements 70
V9 No3 Jul-91 M H Repacholi & J A J Stolwijk Criteria for Evaluating Scientific Literature And Developing Exposure Limits 79
V9 No3 Jul-91 T S Tenforde Dosimetry, Biological Effects and Interaction Mechanisms of Extremely Low Frequency fields 85
V9 No4 Oct-91 L E Anderson Biological effects of Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields: In Vivo Studies 98
V9 No4 Oct-91 M P Coleman Epidemiological methoids and Human Studies of 50-60 HZ Exposure 109
V9 No4 Oct-91 M H Repacholi 50/60 HZ Standards and Guidelines 116
V9 No4 Oct-91 M G Morgan Power Frequency Electric and magnetic fields: Issues of Public Perception and Public Policy 124
V9 No4 Oct-91 K H Lokan Risk, risk Perception and Regulation - What should the Regulator Do? 134
V10 No1 Jan-92 J. Kvasnicka The Radiological Impact Of The Ranger Uranium Mine On The General Public In Jabiru 4
V10 No1 Jan-92 R. Auty and A. Bell Doses To The Public At Jabiru And Jabiru East Due To Ranger Uranium Mine 12
V10 No1 Jan-92 F. Harris and W. Chandler The Impact Of Air-Borne Releases Of Radionuclides On Members Of The Public At Roxby Olympic Dam Uranium Mine 15
V10 No1 Jan-92 R. Robinson Radon Daughter Concentrations In Northern Territory Non Uranium Mines 22
V10 No2 Apr-92 D.R. Champ and P.A. Davis 'Monitoring And Assessment Of Airborne Radionuclides From Operations At The Chalk River Laboratories 32
V10 No2 Apr-92 R. Akber, J. Pfitzner and A. Johnston Radon Transport From Ranger Uranium Mine: A Review Of The Public Radiation Dose Estimates 41
V10 No2 Apr-92 B. Cassels Review Of Radon In Homes In The Northern Territory 47
V10 No2 Apr-92 G.C. Mason Compliance With Public Dose Limits 50
V10 No3 Jul-92 H. P. Gies, C. R. Roy and G. Elliott Ultraviolet Radiation Protection Factors For Personal Protection In Both Occupational And Recreational Situations 59
V10 No3 Jul-92 L. Toussaint ElF And Epidemiology: Review Of Statistical Techniques In A Case Control Study 67
V10 No3 Jul-92 R. M. Fry Implications Of The 1990 Icrp Recommendations For The Mining Industry 70
V10 No3 Jul-92 B. M. Cassels and M. W. Carter Radiation Protection And Occupational Health 80
V10 No3 Jul-92 G. Bibbo Lifetime Risk Estimates Of Fatal Radiation Induced Cancer To Patients Undergoing Nuclear Medicine Examinations 86
V10 No4 Oct-92 H P Gies, C R Roy & Wang Zongli Ultravoilet Radiation protection Factors for Clear and Tinted Automobile Windscreens 91
V10 No4 Oct-92 B M Hartley Done Conversion Factors for Inhalation Applicable to the Mining and milling of Radioactive Ores 95
V10 No4 Oct-92 B M Cassels The Treatment of Potential Exposures 102
V10 No4 Oct-92 M C Menzies, R S Fitchew & R G S Taylor Lead-210 Decontamination of Gold 107
V10 No4 Oct-92 E O'Donovan, G Jenks & A Eleftherakis Radiation Fallout and Contamination Simulation for Safe, Realistic Training of Emergency Response Personnel 109
V10 No4 Oct-92 D Billingsley The Determination of Continuous Radon Daughter Equilibrium Factor in an Operating Uranium Mine 111
V11 No1 Jan-93 B. M. Hartley A National Institute Of Radiation Protection And Nuclear Safety? 3
V11 No1 Jan-93 A. B. Wallace A Value-Critical Assessment Of The Policy Construction Of Hazard And Risk For The Safe Use Of Ionising Radiation 8
V11 No1 Jan-93 L. Dalton Social Policy And The Regulation Of Electromagnetic Field Exposures 13
V11 No1 Jan-93 A. W. Thompson Half Value Layer Measurement For Monazite Utilising A Yellow Siliceous Sand Shielding Medium 16
V11 No1 Jan-93 J. F. Davey Report On Low Level Radiation Counting Facilities At Olympic Dam Operations 20
V11 No1 Jan-93 J. B. O'Donovan, G. J. Jenks and D. R. Brighton Radiation Protection In A Multi-Disciplinary Research Laboratory 26
V11 No2 Apr-93
International Symposium on: Radiation Protection in the Mining, Milling and Downstream Processing of Mineral Sands
V11 No2 Apr-93 F Steinhausler International Symposium: History of Occupational Exposure to Natural Radioisotopes 38
V11 No2 Apr-93 J Koperski International Symposium: Radiation Protection in the Mining and Milling of Mineral Sands 46
V11 No2 Apr-93 B M Hartley International Symposium: Disposal of Radioactive Waste from Mining and Processing of Mineral Sands 53
V11 No2 Apr-93 G Hewson International Symposium: Occupational Radiological Aspects of the Downstream Processing of Mineral Sands 60
V11 No2 Apr-93 D Beninson International Symposium: ICRP Radiation Protection Philosophy: Bases and Trends 67
V11 No2 Apr-93 R Clarke International Symposium: Implementation of the 1990 Recommendations of the ICRTP in the Countries of the European Community 71
V11 No3 Jun-93 E G Alexander, N D Stewart & B J Wallace International Symposium: The Radiological Impact of Past and Present Practices of the Mineral Sands Industry in Queensland 80
V11 No3 Jun-93 S Udompornwirat International Symposium: A Review of Radiological Hazards Associated withg Tin By-Product Mineral Processing Industry in the Seatrad Centre Member Companies 85
V11 No3 Jun-93 M Carter & A Coundouris International Symposium: Radiation Protection in the Mineral Sands Industry in New South Wales 90
V11 No3 Jun-93 A Mollah & M Rahman International Symposium: Evaluation of Radiological Hazards in the Beach Sand Mineral Processing Plant at Cox's Bazar 97
V11 No3 Jun-93 J Bigu International Symposium: Monitoring, Characterisation and Dosimetry of Long-Lived Radioactive Dust 101
V11 No3 Jun-93 R Rolle International Symposium: Alpha Spectrometry for Particle Size Determination of Mineral Sand Dust Samples 114
V11 No3 Jun-93 P Spezzano International Symposium: Determination of Alpha Emitting Nuclides of Uranium, Thorium, and Radium in Zircon Sands 117
V11 No3 Jun-93 J-F Pineau International Symposium: The Behaviour of the Individual Integrated Dosimeter in Relations to the Aerosol Sizee; Applicatrion to Long-Lived Aerosols Dose Assessment 122
V11 No3 Jun-93 J Koperski International Symposium: Particle Size Analyses In and Around Mineral Sands Operations 126
V11 No3 Jun-93 C Mason & S Solomon International Symposium: Deconvolution Techniques Applied to Estimation of Radiation Dose Received from Inhalation of Mineral Sands Dust 133
V11 No4 Oct-93 R Clarke International Symposium: ICRP Recommendations for Occupational Exposure to Natural Radiation 144
V11 No4 Oct-93 J Twining, P McGlinn & K Hart International Symposium: The Solubility of Thorium and uranium from Respirable Monazite Bearing Dust in Simulated Lung and Gut Fluids 149
V11 No4 Oct-93 Chen Xing-an, Xiao Hui-juan, Chen Yong-e, Dong Zhi-hua, Yang Ying-lie, Chen Lian, Haa ling-fang and He Qui-chen International Symposium: A Follow-Up Study (1982-1991) On The Relationship Between Thorium Lung Burden And Health Effects In Miners At The Balyan Obo Rare Earth And Iron Mine 157
V11 No4 Oct-93 A. S. Paschoa, M. Eisenblld and J. M. Godoy International Symposium: Radium Availability In Monazite Sands From Two Distinct Sites 162
V11 No4 Oct-93 B. Hartley and G. Hewson International Symposium: Summary Of Past And Present Radiation Research Into Thorium (Monazite) Dosimetry 165
V11 No4 Oct-93 A S Paschoa International Symposium: Overview Of Environmental And Waste Management Aspects Of The Monazite Cycle 170
V11 No4 Oct-93 Bui Van Hung. Pham Van Duong, Pham Qu.ang Dien and Nguyen Hao Quang International Symposium: Natural Radiation In Mineral Sands Deposits In Vietnam And Problem Of Radiological Protection 174
V11 No4 Oct-93 Y. Nouailhetas, D. C. Lavina, J. M. Godoy, V. R. G. Reis and R. Zenaro International Symposium: Radioecological Questions Concerning The Monazite Sand Cycle Wastes In Brazil 177
V11 No4 Oct-93 T R Harrington International Symposium: A Study Of Potential Radiation Doses Arising From A Proposed Mineral Sand Mine And Processing Plant In Victoria 182
V11 No4 Oct-93 K. Hart, D. M. Levins, P. J. McGlinn, R. A. Day. R. Stanojevic and M. J. Hollitt International Symposium: Treatment Of Wastes Arising From The Removal Of Radioactivity From Mineral Sands Concentrates 187
V11 No4 Oct-93 Moderator: B. Hartley International Symposium: Open Forum 192
V12 No1 Jan-94 G. S. Hewson and J. M. Torlach Tripartism And Radiation Protection - The Way Forward 3
V12 No1 Jan-94 Efendi Z. and P. Jennings An Assessment Of The Environmental Radiation Dose For Residents Of The Perth Metropolitan Area 8
V12 No1 Jan-94 Efendi Z. and P. Jennings Radon And Thoron Progeny Measurements Using A Port Able Radon Sniffer 13
V12 No1 Jan-94 P. H. Woods Uranium And Radium-226 In Runoff From The Rehabilitated Rum Jungle Creek South Uranium Mine. Northern Territory: Interim Results And Health Implications 18
V12 No1 Jan-94 T. McManus The Handling Of Non-Ionising Radiation Issues In Ireland 22
V12 No1 Jan-94 D. E. Hutchinson Radiation Protection In The Age Of Accountability - Measuring Our Effectiveness 26
V12 No1 Jan-94 D. Westall Nuclear Safety Bureau Safety Objectives And Principles For The Proposed Ansto Reactor 31
V12 No1 Jan-94 L. Toussaint Survey Of Fluid Intake In Western Australia 34
V12 No2 Apr-94 A. C. McEwan, l. C. Le Heron and J.L. Poletti Risk Of Cancer And Leukemia From Diagnostic X-Rays In New Zealand 39
V12 No2 Apr-94 l. Le Heron and J. Poletti Reference Doses For Patients In Diagnostic Radiology 45
V12 No2 Apr-94 T. Baal and L. Wilkinson The Use Of Dose Constraints In Diagnostic Radiology 50
V12 No2 Apr-94 B. Egerton, S. Barnett and G. Vellay Studies Of Nonlinear Ultrasound Propagation: Safety Considerations In The Use Of Ultrasound For Medical Diagnosis - Nonlinear Propagation 54
V12 No2 Apr-94 J. S. Prosser Developments In Biological Dosimetry For Radiation Accidents 57
V12 No2 Apr-94 I. W. Marshman andG. S .. Hewson Radiation Doses And Associated Parameters In The Western Australian Mineral Sands Industry 1986 To 1993 60
V12 No2 Apr-94 D.l. Higson Third Party Liability For Nuclear Damage 67
V12 No2 Apr-94 G. Sinclair and G. Benke Storage Facilities For Radioactive Waste In The Tertiary Education Environment 72
V12 No2 Apr-94 L. Toussaint Environmental Gamma Surveys And Meter Calibration 75
V12 No3 Jul-94 P. Breysse VDTS And Their Emissions - An Overview 84
V12 No3 Jul-94 D. McKenna ACTU Perspective 88
V12 No3 Jul-94 M. Repacholi An Ilo/Irpa Perspective Of National And International Standards 90
V12 No3 Jul-94 D. Sawdon Low Frequency VDT Emissions - Sources, Measurement, Reduction And Standards 94
V12 No3 Jul-94 K. Joyner Meeting The Standards 101
V12 No3 Jul-94 M. Marcus VDTS And Pregnancy Problems 104
V12 No3 Jul-94 P. Breysse Cancer And VDT Use 107
V12 No3 Jul-94 B. Cole Cataracts And VDT Use 113
V12 No3 Jul-94 B. Hocking Dealing With 'Clusters' 114
V12 No3 Jul-94 G. Want Communicating With Staff On Health Effects Of VDTS 117
V12 No3 Jul-94 E. Emmett Worksafe Australia Recommendations 119
V12 No3 Jul-94 K. Lokan (Conference) Closing Summary 123
V12 No4 Oct-94 J. Kvasnicka and R. Auty Assessment Of Background Radiation Exposures At Ranger Uranium Mine 126
V12 No4 Oct-94 J. F. Davey and S. F. Green Natural Clay Based Soil As An Effective Barrier Against Radionuclide Migration In A Uranium Tailings Structure 135
V12 No4 Oct-94 S.R. Hashemi-Nezhad and L.S. Peak Radon Dosimetry In An Underground Working Environment, Using Plastic Track Detectors 139
V12 No4 Oct-94 B. Mukherjee Glow Curves Of Tld-600 And Tld-700 Dosimeters Exposed To Light Water Moderated Neutrons From An Americium Beryllium Source 145
V12 No4 Oct-94 B. Mukherjee A Comparison Of Wrist And Finger Doses At The National Medical Cyclotron 149
V12 No4 Oct-94 B. Mukherjee Estimation Of The 41-Argon Production Rate During The Operation Of The National Medical Cyclotron 152
V12 No4 Oct-94 A. RozenJeld. V. Khivrich, L. Barabash, P. Litovchenko, O. Zinets, M. Tavlet and C. Munos-Ferrada Development Of Semiconductor Sensors For Dosimetry Of Mixed Radiation Fields 156
V13 No1 Jan-95 K W Terry Efficiency Calibration of Gross Alpha Counting Systems for the MSI 3
V13 No1 Jan-95 J F Davey Refinement of a Thoron Insensitive Alpha Track Detector for Environmental Radon Monitoring 7
V13 No1 Jan-95 G J Jenks, E J B O'Donovan, P G Warfe, and W B Wood Radiation Protections and Safety in the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) 13
V13 No1 Jan-95 M C Lagunas-Solar Production of Tc-99M and Mo-99 for Nucelar Medicine Applications via Accelerators as an Option to Reactor Methods 16
V13 No1 Jan-95 G F Egan, H J Tochon-Danguy, S Midgley, K S Phana, J Sachinidis, J G Chan, and G O'Keefe Production, administration and Disposal of Cyclotron Produces Shortlived Radioactive Gases for Positron Emmission Tomography Studies at the Austin Repatriation Medical Centre Melbourne 26
V13 No1 Jan-95 P Crouch Using the WLM-30/RTA-30 for Radon Decay Product Monitoring 31
V13 No2 Apr-95 G. E. Bodeker Trends in Total Column Ozone over Australia and New Zealnd and its Influence on Clear Sky Surface Erythemal Irradiance 39
V13 No2 Apr-95 S J Toomey, H P Gies and C R Roy UVR Protection offered by Shadecloths and Polycarbonates 50
V13 No2 Apr-95 T N Swindon On Achieving a Uniform Approach to Radiation Control in Australia 55
V13 No2 Apr-95 M W Rafferty and C S Jacob The Introduction of Compulsory Complance Testing of Medical Diagnostic X-ray Equipment in Western Australia 61
V13 No2 Apr-95 A W Thompson Radiation Exposure to the Population of Perth, Western Australia 64
V13 No3 Jul-95 A. Birchall, M R Bailey, N S Jarvis The New ICRP Respiratory Tract Model and Its Implmentation 75
V13 No3 Jul-95 D J Maenab and A J Frikken Boffex Emergency Exercise 83
V13 No3 Jul-95 D Paix and R MacDonald A Survey of Radiaiton Doses and Related Factors in Dental Radiography 86
V13 No3 Jul-95 A B Wallace Capturing the Detriment: An Interpretations of How the Medical Applaications of Ionising Radiation Survived the unfolding of its Hazardous Sequelae 92
V13 No3 Jul-95 B M Hartley Optimal Methods fro the Determination of the Activities of the Descendents of Radon by counting during Sampling 97
V13 No4 Oct-95 R.H. Thomas Accelerations In Our Past , Present, And Future: A Challenge To Radiological Protection In The Twenty-First Century 103
V13 No4 Oct-95 R.H. Thomas Practical Aspects Of Shielding High-Energy Particle Accelerators 108
V13 No4 Oct-95 K.W Terry Is Personal Air Sampling Redundtant in the MSI? 112
V13 No4 Oct-95 M. Facci, T.J. Boal and S.A. Costantin Operator Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation from Radiofrequency Welders and Dryers and induction heaters in Victoria 116
V13 No4 Oct-95 B. M. Hartley Radiation Protection - Is it Science? 123
V14 No1 Jan-96 D. Schick Structural Shielding Assessment In Diagnostic X-Ray Facilities 3
V14 No1 Jan-96 R.S. O'Brien Estimates Of Committed Effective Dose And Annual Limit On Intake For Radioactive Dusts Using The New Icrp Respiratory Tract Model 8
V14 No1 Jan-96 M. Malaxos Low Dose Effects - Is The Fear More Dangerous Than The Radiation 17
V14 No1 Jan-96 L.F. Toussaint Radium-226 Levels In Cockburn Sound Samples: A Preliminary Study 22
V14 No3 Jul-96 L. F. Toussaint and Greg Burkett Radon Levels In Ground Water Treatment Plants In Western Australia 51
V14 No3 Jul-96 D. J. Westall A Re-Assessment Of The Siting Of Hifar 55
V14 No3 Jul-96 G. S. Hewson and H. Upton Operational And Regulatory Aspects Of The Management Of Radioactive Wastes Arising From Mineral Sands Processing 60
V14 No4 Oct-96 H. Lahijanian, R. Rosen and J. Cross Measurment of Indoor Power-Frequency Magnetic Fields 75
V14 No4 Oct-96 P. Colgan, D. Harrison and W. Moore Guideline Development & Impact Assessment For Registration Of Medical, Dental & Veterinary X-Ray Apparatus 80
V14 No4 Oct-96 G. Koulouris, J. Dharmasiri and R.A. Akber Radioactivity in Helidon Spa Waters 87
V14 No4 Oct-96 G. Anastas Management, Administrative And Operational Causes Of The Accident: Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station 91
V14 No4 Oct-96 D.E. Hutchinson and L.F. Toussaint Magnetic Field Measurments Near a Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaner 95
V15 No1 Jan-98 S. Veitch Status Of The National Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repository Siting Study 2
V15 No1 Jan-98 G.J. Jenks, E.J.B. Donovan and W.B. Woods Ionising Radiation Safety Training'in The Australian Defence Organisation (Ado) 7
V15 No1 Jan-98 K.H. Lokan Drinking Water Quality In Areas Dependent On Groundwater 11
V15 No1 Jan-98 L.F. Toussaint Radon Concentrations In Western Australian Homes 15
V15 No1 Jan-98 B. M. Hartley The Calculation Of Dose Rates From Rectangular Sources 20
V15 No2 Apr-98 K.W. Terry Thoron-In-Breath As A Method Of Internal Dose Assessment 27
V15 No2 Apr-98 A. Zahedi and I. Cosic Power Lines And Health Problems 34
V15 No2 Apr-98 T. Kron, K. Farrar, J. Sotheren and B. Evans Radiation Awareness Of Staff In A Public Hospital 37
V15 No2 Apr-98 D. McLean Scatter To The Patient From Mammography 40
V15 No2 Apr-98 L.F. Toussaint The Basics Associated With The Calculation Of Gamma Radiation Levels Due To N.O.R.M. Within A Cylindrical Vessel 43
V15 No3/4 Oct-98 C.R. Roy, S.B. Barnett, K.H. Lokan, G. Kossoff and H. Anderson Strategy For An Australian Research Program Into Possible Health Issues Associated With Exposure To Communications Radiofrequencies 49
V15 No3/4 Oct-98 A.J. McCarthy Surface-Waves And Resonances Associated With Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation 54
V15 No3/4 Oct-98 A. Begum, M.A. Rab Molla, G. U. Ahmad and A.S. Mollah Determination Of Plutonium In Some Environmental And Biological Samples By Alpha Sectrometry 63
V15 No3/4 Oct-98 H.P. Gies, C.R. Roy, S. Toomey and A. McLennan Eyewear and Protection Against Solar UV Radiation 66
V15 No3/4 Oct-98 S. Toomey, C.R. Roy, H.P. Gies and A. McLennan Physical Protection Against Solar UV Radiation 70
V16 No1 Mar-99 A. Eleftherakis and R. Rosen The Relationship Between Body Organ Doses And Surface Dosemeter Readings Resulting From An Infinite Area Of Contamination 2
V16 No1 Mar-99 D. V Webb, S. B. Solomon and J E. M. Thomson Background Radiation Levels And Medical Exposure Levels In Australia 7
V16 No1 Mar-99 A CMcEwan Estimation Of Risk From Dispersed Active Plutonium Particles At Mururoa 15
V16 No1 Mar-99 Gudrun Aim Carlsson Radiation Protection of the Patient 20
V16 No1 Mar-99 Errol 0 'Donovan Radiation - It's Not the Mother of All Hazards 26
V16 No1 Mar-99 J Graham, D J Higson, J Jun, S Kobayashi, R E J Mitchell Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation Incurred at Low Dose Rates 32
V16 No2 Jul-99 A B Wallace The Vexed Question Of Risk For Ionising Radiation 2
V16 No2 Jul-99 A V Parisi, J C F Wong, M G Kimlin and L R Meldrum Errors In Determining Broadband Ultraviolet Irradiances From Spectral Measurements 10
V16 No2 Jul-99 M Lenzen and DR McKenzie Comparative Measurements Of 222Rn Exhalation From Rocks And Soils Of The Sydney Area 16
V16 No2 Jul-99 A Eisenmenger, A Tschammer, W Riedel Thoron In Breath Measurement - A Sensitive Method For Monitoring Occupational Thorium Burdens In Germany 22
V16 No2 Jul-99 D V Webb, S B Solomon and J EM Thomson Background Radiation Levels And Medical Exposure Levels In Australia 25
V16 No2 Jul-99 K Gregory Puncture Of A Sealed Radioactive Source 33
V16 No3 Dec-99 K Nuttall, P J Flanagan and G Melik Prudent A Voidance Guidelines For Power Frequency Magnetic Fields 2
V16 No3 Dec-99 A V Parisi, M G Kimlin and J S Mainstone Variations In Solar Erythemal Ultraviolet Occupational Exposure Due To Daylight Saving Time In Australia 13
V16 No3 Dec-99 A C McEwan Is Cosmic Radiation Exposure Of Air Crew Amenable To Control? 21
V16 No3 Dec-99 J Lakey Public Information In Radiation Emergencies - The Messenger, The Public And The Message 26
V16 No3 Dec-99 A C McEwan Principles And Criteria For Restoration Of Environments With Elevated Radioactivity Concentrations 31
V16 No3 Dec-99 B Shields, S M Newbery and A I Finch Application Of The Principles Of Radioactive Waste Management To A Historical Problem 36
V16 No3 Dec-99 B Shields and S M Newbery Radioactive Waste Management In An Australian State - IAEA Style 40
V16 No3 Dec-99 W P Chandler and S A Black Norm Meet Tenorm 46
V17 No1 May-00 R C Smart and J E Towson Diagnostic Reference Activities For Nuclear Medicine Procedures In Australia And New Zealand 2
V17 No1 May-00 M G Kimlin, A V Parisi and J S Mainstone Variability In The Annual Erythemal Ultra Violet Exposure Of Schoolchildren In South East Queensland 15
V17 No1 May-00 R F Cameron and M O Oresegun The IAEA Regional Cooperative Agreement Programme (RCA) 26
V17 No1 May-00 J M Wright and K M Bell Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure from RF-Generating Plant 33
V17 No1 May-00 T V Diamond, P E Mabbolt and B R Lawrence Decommissioning Of Australian Nuclear Facilities - A Regulatory Perspective 38
V17 No1 May-00 D McLean, M Ricciardello, L Collins, J Eisenhuth Measurement of Lead Equivalence for Protective Aprons 43
V17 No1 May-00 A B Wallace The Vexed Question of Risk for Ionising Radiation 48
V17 No2 Sep-00 M G Kimlin, A V Parisi and J S Mainstone Effect Of Short Term Ozone Variations On Human Ultra Violet Radiation Exposure 51
V17 No2 Sep-00 A CMcEwan Assessment Of Occupational Exposure In New Zealand From Personal Monitoring Records 60
V17 No2 Sep-00 K Fujimoto, Y Noda, Y Yamaguchi and A Endo Nuclear Accident in Tokai, Japan 67
V17 No2 Sep-00 M W Carter Controllable Dose: The Icrp Discussion Paper Does Not Go Far Enough 71
V17 No2 Sep-00 D Patterson, S Soloman and E 0 'Donovan AusConPlan Spred - The Hunt for Red Debris 75
V17 No2 Sep-00 E Realo, H Putnik and K Realo Closed Nuclear Facilities in Estonia: Developments and Problems 81
V17 No2 Sep-00 A J McCarthy Electromagnetic Resonances of the Biological Cell 89
V17 No3 Dec-00 N J Downs, M G Kimlin, A V Parisi and J J McGrath Modelling Human Facial UV Exposure 103
V17 No3 Dec-00 J E Towson, R C Smart and M A Rossleigh Radiopharmaceutical Activities Administered For Paediatric Nuclear Medicine Procedures In Australia 110
V17 No3 Dec-00 G H Clark, J Crawford and G W Peady The Environmental Radiological Atmospheric Impact Modelling System (Eraims) At ANSTO, Lucas Heights 121
V17 No3 Dec-00 B Dooley, J S Prosser, J Peggie, M K Langroo and L J Martin How Hot Is Your Dial? 128
V17 No3 Dec-00 T Mountford-Smith International Nuclear Event Scale And Its Application In Australia 135
V17 No3 Dec-00 J Crawford, R U Domel, F F Harris and J R Twining Radcon: Radiological Consequence Model Focusing On The Tropical And Subtropical Region 138
V18 No1 Apr-01 D R McKenzie, M Lenzen, and S B Solomon The Correlation Between Exhalation From Rocks And Indoor Concentration Of 222Rn In The Sydney Area 2
V18 No1 Apr-01 R Moridi, B Bjorndal and G Cubbon Personal Alpha Dosimeters Used In Canadian Uranium Mines And Mills 8
V18 No1 Apr-01 B Cassels and A Waite Regulatory Management Of Norm Wastes From Petroleum Exploration Activities In The Northern Territory 16
V18 No1 Apr-01 A Zapantis Derivation of the Dose Conversion Factor for the inhalation of Uranium Ore Dust considering the Efects of Radon Loss 35
V18 No1 Apr-01 J Koperski Impact Of Arpans-Like Legislation On Minerals Industry In Australia - The Tenorm Issue 42
V18 No1 Apr-01 B Dooley, J S Prosser, J Peggie, M K Langroo, and L J Martin Errata: How Hot Is Your Dial? 47
V18 No2 Dec-01 J Lincoln International Radiofrequency Standards 51
V18 No2 Dec-01 D Black Evidence For Health Effects; What Are The Safety Factors In Uhf Rf Standards? 61
V18 No2 Dec-01 I Maclean The Rf Spectrum: Managing Community Health Concerns 66
V18 No2 Dec-01 V Anderson Mobile Telephony And The Precautionary Principle - A Phoney Debate? 71
V18 No2 Dec-01 P French, R Penny, J Laurence and D McKenzie Mobile Phone Radiation As An Inducer Of Human Disease - A Hypothesis 77
V18 No2 Dec-01 G Benke Mobile Phones And Health, Stakeholder Perspectives: Occupational Health And Safety 80
V18 No2 Dec-01 D Mercer Overcoming Regulatory Fear Of Public Perceptions Of Mobile Phone Health Risks 84
V18 No2 Dec-01 M Wood, S Hurren, E Vinnal and M Armstrong EME Assessments Using Telstra's Mobile Base Station Field Intensity Plotter 95
V18 No2 Dec-01 M M Bilek, DR McKenzie and R Morrow Environmental Electromagnetic Fields And Strategies For Their Minimisation 104
V18 No2 Dec-01 M E Gosnell and G Huber Development Of A Practical Field Minimised Personal Hands Free Headset For Mobile Phones With High Performance Robustness 107
V18 No2 Dec-01 M E Storey, B MacA Thomas and J M Sarkissian Background Radio-Frequency Radiation And Its Impact On Radio Astronomy 113
V19 No1 Apr-02 K K. Karipidis National Survey Of Residential Magnetic Field Exposure 2
V19 No1 Apr-02 R C Smart Maladministrations In Nuclear Medicine 13
V19 No1 Apr-02 D J Higson Are There Risks From Low Level Radiation? 20
V19 No1 Apr-02 A J McCarthy Electromagnetic Behaviour Of The Earth And Planets 26
V19 No1 Apr-02 M Sonter, R Akber and S Holdsworth Radon Flux From Rehabilitated And Unrehabilitated Uranium Mill Tailings Deposits 36
V19 No1 Apr-02 J Manning, L Toussaint and H Upton Gamma Radiation Levels At The Montebello Islands June 2001 49
V19 No1 Apr-02 D J Higson Healthy Radiation Workers 59
V19 No2 Dec-02 M Walsh and P Jennings A Study Of Environmental Radon Levels In Rammed Earth Dwellings In The South West Of Western Australia 67
V19 No2 Dec-02 K Gregory Anomaly In Cs-137 Sealed Source Calibration 74
V19 No2 Dec-02 J F Boas, J G Young, DR C Tingey and J Jones Australian Participation In International Intercomparisons Of Environmental Dosemeters 78
V19 No2 Dec-02 J E Moulder Mobile Phones And Cancer 87
V19 No2 Dec-02 M L Swicord, J J Morrissey and K H Joyner Summary Of World Wide Studies Related To Cellular Telephony And Cancer 97
V20 No2 Dec-03 A A Okunade Evaluation Of Lead Equivalence Of Patient And Hardware Materials In Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Shielding 34
V20 No2 Dec-03 M Bangay and C Zombolas Advanced Measurements Of Microwave Oven Leakage 47
V20 No2 Dec-03 J.G. Young, C. Y. Thomas, V. Ibbetson, D. Billingsley, and D. Hamilton A Straight -Forward Field Method For Determining The Surface Contamination Level On Oil And Gas Production Equipment 52
V20 No2 Dec-03 D J Higson The Bell Tolls For LNT 60
V20 No2 Dec-03 F P J (Rob) Robotham Uniformity In Radiation Protection Legislation In Australia: A Case Study 65
V21 No1 May-04 Holdsworth, S J., and R A Akber Diffusion Length and Emanation Coefficient of 220-Rn for a Zircon and a Monazite Sample 7
V21 No1 May-04 Carter, M W., L Collins, R Smart and M Sonter Toxicity Grouping of Radionuclides for Regulatory Purposes 14
V21 No1 May-04 Miller, K L When Attempting to Site a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility You Quickly Learn that the World is Full of Bananas 23
V21 No2 Sep-04 Beddoe, A., D Temperton, E Rafiqi, E Larkin and T Jones Implementation of IRR99 and IRMER2000 in UK Hospitals 59
V21 No2 Sep-04 Smart, R C Task Specific Monitoring of Nucelar Medicine Technoligist's Radiation Exposure 71
V21 No2 Sep-04 Ibbetson, V J., and J G Young Modification of an X-ray Diffraction Unit to Comply with the NH&MRC Code of Practice 82
V21 No2 Sep-04 Karipidis, K K Review Paper: Mobile Telephony and Children 87
V22 No1 Mar-05 Crouch, P., S Green, and M Worby Radiation doses to Members of the public from the Olympic Dam Operation 4
V22 No1 Mar-05 Hocking, B. Letter to Editor: Mobile Phone Telephony and children 10
V22 No1 Mar-05 Karipidis, K K Letter to Editor: Mobile Phone Telephony and children 11
V22 No 2 Jul-05 P Knipe and P Jennings EMR Emissions From Remote Area Power Supply Equipment 34
V22 No 2 Jul-05 C N Robinson, P L U, J G Young, A B Wallace and V J Ibbetson A Study Of The Personal Radiation Dose Received By Nuclear Medicine Technologists Working In A Dedicated Pet Centre 40
V22 No 2 Jul-05 R M Fry The Boyce Worthley Oration: The Early Years Of Hospital Physics In Adelaide: Some Recollections 46
V22 No 2 Jul-05 N Tsurikov Norm And National Directory 64
V22 No 3 Dec-05 M Caon The Radiation Risk Statement in the participant information for a research protocol that involves exposure to ionising radiation 90
V22 No 3 Dec-05 G M Mudd A detailed analysis of Radon flux studies at Australian Uranium projects 99
V23 No 1 May-06 Turnbull, D J., A V Parisi and N J Downes Effects of Clouds on the diffuse Component of the Solar Terrestrial Erythemal UV 2
V23 No 1 May-06 Hocking, B. Radical Pair Mechanisms and the ELF Standard 10
V23 No 1 May-06 Burns, P., and P Crouch Exemptions Levels for the Transport of Ores and Concentrates Containing Uranium or Thorium 12
V23 No 2 Sep-06 H M Johnson Diagnostic imaging dose control through centralised compliance inspection 30
V23 No 2 Sep-06 C Hockings Industrial radiography safety in Australia 38
V23 No 2 Sep-06 D R Black Caution about precaution 47
V23 No 2 Sep-06 H M Johnson Interventional radiology: New initiatives in medical radiation safety 53
V24 No 1 Jun-07 P A Burns Iodine prophylaxis 2
V24 No 1 Jun-07 P A Burns Public dose limits in Australia 11
V24 No 2 Sep-07 P Medley, B Ryan, P Martin & A Bollhofer Rapid determination of radionuclide activity concentrations in contaminated drinking water 2
V24 No 2 Sep-07 N Tsurikov, P J Hinrichsen, M Omar, H R S M Fernandez Application of the regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material to bulk shipments of materials in minerals industry 9
V24 No 2 Sep-07 R G Armstrong Ionising radiation detectors - to calibrate or not to calibrate 20
V25 No 1 May-08 S Rahman & N M Ali Role of secondary standard dosimetry laboraotry in radiaiton protection program 2
V25 No 1 May-08 R L McIntosh, V anderson, R J McKenzie The use of temperature as a metric for the assessment of RF safety 9
V25 No 1 May-08 B Worthley Protection rackets in the roaring forties (reprint) 22
V25 No2 Dec-08 W C F Bartolo and R Rosen Safety Auditing Principles Applicable To Radioisotope Laboratories 2
V26 No 1 Apr-09 A V Parisi, D J Turnbull, C de Byl, P Schouten, J Turner & N Downs Influernce of cloud and solar zenith angle on the diffuse solar erythmal UV short wavelength cut-offs and maximum spectral irradiance wavelengths 2
V26 No 1 Apr-09 D Woods B Worthley Oration: The control and minimisation of exposures to ionising radiation 11
V26, No 2 Sep-09 D J Higson Is there a need for protection against exposure to low levels of ionising radiation 2
V26, No 2 Sep-09 S Squassoni & M M Rehani Contributions - IAEA Bulleting 50-2 2009: 1. Hanging Questions; 2. Smart protection 7
V27 No 1 Aug-10 W C F Bartolo & R Rosen The development and use of a safety auditing checklist for radioisotope laboratories 2
V27 No 1 Aug-10 L F Toussaint B Worthley Oration: People involved in radiation research and protection - an historical perspective 7
V27 No 1 Aug-10 J Barrett Providing technical support for a university radiological laboratory 22
V27 No 2 Dec-10 P N Johnson, P A Burns, S B Solomon, R A Tinker, J S Lock Interpretation of biological dosimetry of New Zealand Sailors by Wahab et al. 4
V27 No 2 Dec-10 C E Lawrence Real time Gamma monitoring for emplyees working in an operational underground copper/uranium mine 12
V28 No 1 Jun-11 A C McEwan & P Hendemann-Jensen Technical Note: Critique of ICRP Publication 111, Application of the Commission's recommendations to the protection of people living in long-term contaminated areas after a nuclear accident or a radiation emergency" 2
V28 No 1 Jun-11 D J Higson The significance of thyroid cancer in reactor safety assessment 6
V28 No 1 Jun-11 D J Higson Reactor safety at Fukushima in Japan 10
V28 No 2 Nov-11 D J Higson A perspective on risks from radon 2
V28 No 2 Nov-11 D J Higson A personal perspective on nuclear war 12
V29 No 1 Mar-12 W C F Bartolo & R Rosen Results obtained from the safety auditing of some radioisotope laboratories 3
V29 No 1 Mar-12 S I Lawley The uranium inductry in Africa: An insight into relative risk 12
V29 No 1 Mar-12 K J Gregory Internation seminar on radiaiton effects 15
V29 No 1 Mar-12 J L V O'Brien Impressions of the ARPS conference 16
V29 No 2 Oct-12 S Kutty, P H Woods, E Dayal, & A Jaggert Keeping Radiation Management at Beverley uranium Mine at best practice: Plans, responses and outcomes 4
V29 No 2 Oct-12 Z Brady Science meets Parliament 2012 15
V29 No 2 Oct-12 M P Grzechnik, D J Higson, P J Hondros, L Lau, C-M Larsson, P A Marks & R S O'brien 13th congress of the IRPA 18
V30 No 1 Oct-13 R Rosen B Worthley Oration: The early hisotry and subsequent highlights of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society 2
V30 No 1 Oct-13 P C Crouch The health consequences of the Bristish atomic tests on Australian participants 14
V30 No 1 Oct-13 D J Higson Nuclear power to reduce carbon emissions 17
V31 No 1 Apr-14 R Rosen & W C F Bartolo An alternative method of quantifying the safety or radioisotope laboratories 2
V31 No 1 Apr-14 M Sonter B Worthley Oration: A health physicist's history of mining uranium and other radioactive ores in Australia 17
V31 No 1 Apr-14 B Hocking Book Review: Fukushima - Japan's tsunami and the inside story of the nuclear meltdown 24
V31 No 1 Apr-14 V Leach & B Wallace The efficiency for gas capture systems for PET cyclotrons and hot cells 26
V31 No 1 Apr-14 M G Shilton & M W Vose Advanced radioisotope sources - design for safety and performance 41
V31 No 2 Nov-14 A J Gonzalez Clarifying the paradigm for protections against low radiation doses : Retrospective attribution of effects vis-à-vis prospective interference of risk 2
V31 No 2 Nov-14 M N Halgamuge Analuysis of shipboard high frequency electromagnetic fields 13
V31 No 2 Nov-14 D J Higson The acceptability of risks from natural disasters 25
V31 No 2 Nov-14 M Grzechnik Performing environmental assessments - how can a safety guide help me? 30
V31 No 2 Nov-14 D J Higson Fear of nuclear power Generation 37
V32 No 1 May-15 M J Sonter & M W Carter Gamma dose rates over land contaminated with U or Th minerals 4
V32 No 1 May-15 P J Hondros Principle and Practive - Observations on a widening gap in radiation protection 10
V32 No 1 May-15 M J Sonter, X Moreau & M Wu Mulga rock uranium project radon test work 15
V32 No 1 May-15 D J Higson LNT discussion 22
V32 No 1 May-15 D J Higson Literature review: Childhood Leukaemia, a paper by G M Kendall 29
V32 No 2 Nov-15 R J Croft B Worthley Oration 2014 2
V32 No 2 Nov-15 H Lahijanian & R Rosen Mathematical model for prediciting residential magnetic fields 11
V32 No 2 Nov-15 C Pham & M Aerts Science meets Parliament 2015 30
V32 No 2 Nov-15 C Storm, J Thwaites & M Stewart Radiation doses in Western Australian diagnostic radiology 32
V32 No 2 Nov-15 R Rubendra 2015 ARPS conference report 37
V32 No 2 Nov-15 S Turner & V Leach Should microwaves, Wi-Fi and mobile phones even be addressed as potential hazards? (2015 Conference Young Professional Prize) 40
V33 No 1 May-16 B M Cassels & R Akber Experimental determination of C-60 sorption in arid soil from Northern Territory, Australia 2
V33 No 1 May-16 C V Jeffries, N Freeman, F Nasreen, S Rutkowski, C Stathopoulos & S Toomey Sheilding assesment and radiation exposure adjacent to a linear accelerator treatment bunker with highlight window 17
V33 No 1 May-16 P Cardew B Worthley Oration 2015: With ARPS turning 40, do we need to look back? Will the lessons of the past still have a place
in the future?
V33 No 1 May-16 P H Woods IAEA support to uranium mining worldwide 34
V33 No 1 May-16 M Sonter and J Hondros Thinking about Radon and Radon daughters: Radiation studies and interpretations for a rare earth project 42
V33 No 1 May-16 D J Higson The safety of a nuclear industry in South Australia 55
V33 No 2 Nov-16 M Sonter & J Grose Radon and Thoron emanation testwork on Nolans rare earth ores 3
V33 No 2 Nov-16 V Leach & S Weller What does the research tells us about the risk of electromagnetic radiation (EMR)? 21
V33 No 2 Nov-16 D J Higson The biological effects of exposure to ionising radiation 38
V33 No 2 Nov-16 D J Higson Discussion of NCRP commentary 24 43
V34 No 1 May-17 R Coates The role of the Internartional Radiation Protection Society (IRPA) 2
V34 No 1 May-17 M Sonter Behaviour od Radon and its short- and long-lived daughters in LPG liquification plants 6
V34 No 1 May-17 D Emes Characterising NORM hazards within subsea oil and gas facilities 10
V34 No 1 May-17 R Rosen & D Gardner Desirable attributes of a radiation protection adviser 17
V34 No 1 May-17 K Gregory A review of low cost radiation products 21
V34 No 1 May-17 M Jane, S Kutty & A Marsland-Smith Abstract: E-radiation monitoring used in the Heathgate Resources in situ recovery uranium operation 25
V34 No 1 May-17 G Thomas Abstract: Minimising the health consequences of nuclear accidents - do we need to reassess our response? 26
V34 No 1 May-17 D Urban, K Karapidis & A Wood Abstract: Non-ionizing radiation protection: Summary of research and policy options; development of a new text book to promote NIR education 27
V34 No 1 May-17 B Tate Radon measurements at Australian Antartic stations 28
V34 No 1 May-17 D Bellifemine Regulating residues from uranium production and other NORM activities to international standards 29
V34 No 1 May-17 K Prise Technologies and models for studying the radiobiology of low dose effects 30
V34 No 2 Nov-17 P Bandara & S Weller Biological effects of low-intensity radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation - time for a paradigm shift in regulation of public exposure 2
V34 No 2 Nov-17 P A Karam The art of the practice of radiation safety 7
V34 No 2 Nov-17 V Leach & S Weller Radio frequency exposure risk assessment and communication: Critique of ARPANSA TR-164 report. Do we have a problem? 9
V34 No 2 Nov-17 R de Groot Reprint from 1989: Accreditation in radiation protections - the Australian position 20
V34 No 2 Nov-17 G J Jenks, E J B O'Donovan & W B Wood Reprint from 1998: Ionising radiation safety training in the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) 22
V35 No 1 May-18 G Anastas B Worthley Oration 2017: A radiation rpotection view of Australia and ARPS: A view from across the lake with some insights for discussion 2
V35 No 1 May-18 W C F Bartolo What does ARPS do for you? 9
V35 No 1 May-18 V Leach & D Bromwich Why the precautionary approach is needed for non-ionising radiation devices. 13
V35 No 1 May-18 P A Karam Reprint: The big picture: Keeping radiaiton risks in perspective. 22
V35 No 1 May-18 R Rosen and W C F Bartolo An update on how to present a scientific paper at a conference 24
V35 No 1 May-18 K Karipidis & R Tinker Letter to Editor: Response to the NIR articles by Bandara & Wells as well as Leach and Weller 29
V35 No 2 Dec-18 H Griffiths & T Payne Management options for the Little Forest legacy site, Australia 3
V35 No 2 Dec-18 G Anastas Does reactor fuel reprocessing make economic, public policy or environmental sense? 9
V35 No 2 Dec-18 S long & M Litwin Characteristic limits and their application to personal dosimetry 14
V35 No 2 Dec-18 A Hayton & M Litwin Abstract: Current occupational doses in Australia - a review of 30 years of data from the PRMS database 19
V35 No 2 Dec-18 J Hondros Abstract: Science and art in radiatrion risk communication 20
V35 No 2 Dec-18 C Thome, S Puukila & D Boreham Abstract: The role of dose rate on cancer induction in the lung following inhalation of Beta-Gamma emitting radionuclides 21
V35 No 2 Dec-18 P Bandara, V Leach & S Weller Letter to Editor: Response to the NIR Letter by Karapidis and Tinker 22
V36 No 1 Jun-19 A McEwan 100 Years of 'Atom Splitting' - Lord Ernest Rutherford 3
V36 No 1 Jun-19 W Bartolo RPiA Cumulative Index 1982-2018 7
V36 No 2 Dec-19 Editor Errata 2
V36 No 2 Dec-19 J Hondros & R Secen-Hondros Minor changes Leading to Major Impacts: Practical Implications of ICRP137 on Industries with NORM 3
V36 No 2 Dec-19 Editor ARPS/ICRP2019 Conference Photo Page 9
V36 No 2 Dec-19 W Bartolo Should ARPS be Involved in Accreditation of Trainers 10
V36 No 2 Dec-19
ARPS/ICRP2019 Conference Astracts: 14-23

Cave radon exposure, dose, dynamics and mitigation

All solid cancer incidence and mortality dose-reesponse in the Life Span Study of atomic bomb survivors

The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Improvement of the use rate of the personal dosimeter & protector by interventional radiologists with radiological technologist leadership

Low dose radiation - Science, Policy and Public Opinion

Are clinical nuclear medicine settings compliant with proposed new ICRP lens of the eye dose limits?

Achieving harmonisation of radiation protection legislation across Australian jurisdictions

Cancer risk following low dose radiation: what do we know about the dose-response curve?

Successfully working together: Nucelar power and radiation safety

A multi-target dietry intervention protects from radiaiton-induced congnitive impairment and normal tissue injury.
V37 No 1 May-20 C Sathiakumar, M Mali, P Williams, S Som & P Lin Radiation safety aspects of Liverpool Hospital Cyclotron unit: First two years of operation 2
V37 No 1 May-20 P J Sykes DMAPT: A promising new radioprotector 18
V37 No 1 May-20 D J Higson Boyce Worthley Oration 2019: "A controversy that needs to be resolved" 29
V37 No 1 May-20 I Furness Achieving harmonisation of radiation protection legislation across Australian jurisdictions 37
V37 No 1 May-20 Dr S Newbery Letter to Editor: National uniformity 45
V37 No 1 May-20 P Bandara, V Leach & S Weller Letter to Editor: Corrigendum 46
V37 No 1 May-20 P Bandara, J McCredden, M May, S Weller, D Maisch, R Kelly, T Chandler, S Pockett, V Leach & D Wojcik Letter to Editor: Serious Safety Concerns about 5G wireless deployment in Australia and New Zealand 47
V37 No 2 Dec-20 ARPS Executive Financial support for students working in radiation protection 2
V37 No 2 Dec-20 J C E Button Historic Article: Commission of Inquiry into Occupational Health and Safety 3
V37 No 2 Dec-20 W Bartolo, edited by B Cassels The Pandemic and the Profession 8
V37 No 2 Dec-20 R Rosen Historic Article: Problems in the disposal of liquid scintillation waste 10

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