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The 2021-2025 ICRP Main Commission has been Announced

4 May 2021 8:35 AM | Matthew (Administrator)

The results are in!

At the beginning of July 2021, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) will have a new Chair for the first time since 2009, as, having served three terms as Chair, Claire Cousins (United Kingdom) is retiring from ICRP. Under her leadership, ICRP has made great improvements in transparency, accountability, and sustainability, and launched a major review and revision of the System of Radiological Protection.

Other members retiring from the ICRP Main Commission are Vice-Chair Jacques Lochard (France), John Harrison (United Kingdom), and Carl-Magnus Larsson (Australia). Their dedication to ICRP over many years will be sorely missed.

Werner Rühm (Germany) will become the Chair of ICRP at the commencement of the new term on 1 July 2021, the 13th Chair since the inception of ICRP in 1928. Donald Cool (United States) will move from the position of Chair of Committee 4 (Application of the Recommendations) to become ICRP Vice-Chair.

Kimberly Applegate (United States) will continue as Chair of Committee 3 (Medicine). Joining her are first-time Committee Chairs Dominque Laurier (France) for Committee 1 (Effects), Francois Bochud (Switzerland) for Committee 2 (Doses), and Thierry Schneider (France) for Committee 4 (Application).

Simon Bouffler (United Kingdom), Kunwoo Cho (Korea), Michiaki Kai (Japan), Senlin Liu (China), and Sergey Romanov (Russian Federation) will continue as members of the Main Commission. Elected for the first time are Gillian Hirth (Australia) and Andrzej Wojcik (Sweden).

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