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IAEA DS519 Draft Safety Guide

14 Dec 2021 5:51 PM | Matthew (Administrator)

The IAEA DS519 Draft Safety Guide - Protection of Workers Against Exposure due to Radon is now available for Member State comment and is open for comments from ARPS.

What is the purpose of the guide? 

The objective of the Safety Guide is to provide recommendations on protection of workers against exposure due to radon in workplaces, in planned and existing exposure situations, including the case of combined exposure to radon and other sources. The recommendations in the Safety Guide are based on the application of the graded approach. The Safety Guide is aimed at governments, regulatory bodies or other relevant competent authorities, employers, licensees, registrants, workers and service providers.

Comments are requested in relation to: 

  • Relevance and usefulness: Are the stated objectives appropriate and are they met by the draft text?
  • Scope and completeness: Is the scope appropriate and is it adequately covered by the draft text? 
  • Quality and clarity: Does the guidance in the draft text represent the current consensus among specialists in the field and is this guidance expressed clearly and coherently? 

Please submit comments by 21 March 2022 through the ARPANSA Have Your Say page https://www.arpansa.gov.au/iaea-ds519-draft-safety-guide-protection-workers-against-exposure-due-radon.

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