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Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit for Purpose Paper

  • 19 Oct 2021
  • 20 Oct 2021
  • Online

The ICRP has commenced their review of the System of radiation protection - the ICRP Recommendations. ICRP plan to undertake the review over the next 10 years and have committed to extensive consultation. ICRP has published a discussion paper "Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit for Purpose" in the Journal of Radiological Protection. They outline:

"The Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit For Purpose paper is a key step in that process. Through many conversations over the last couple of years and ICRP experience, this paper summarises the topics being considered for the future of RP."

A digital workshop will be held on 19 - 20 October where ICRP "want to hear your responses, thoughts, and feedback"

Full details available on the ICRP website: https://mailchimp.icrp.org/the-future-of-radiological-protection

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